The Blazing BladeThe Blazing Blade

Hand AxeHand Axe

Game Data



Hand Axe has a buy value of 300G and a sell value of 150G.

How to Obtain

Hand Axe can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Dorcas starting inventory (Lyn Mode)
  • Bartre starting inventory
  • Dart starting inventory
  • Hector starting inventory (Hector Mode)
  • Wallace starting inventory
  • Chapter 5 (Armory)
  • Chapter 13 (Armory)
  • Chapter 15E/16H (Armory, left)
  • Chapter 17E/18H (Armory)
  • Chapter 20E/21H (Armory, bottom)
  • Chapter 23E/24H (Armory, bottom)
  • Chapter 24E/26H (Armory)
  • Chapter 29Ex/31Hx (Armory, top right)
The Blazing BladeThe Blazing Blade