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Overview of items in The Blazing Blade.


This page shows a general overview of all inventory items in The Blazing Blade. Generally, an item is something in a unit's inventory that is not a weapon, a tome, or a staff. Items typically provide some kind of benefit to the unit that either holds or uses them.

Item Categories


Items that you consume on the battlefield for some benefit.

List of Consumables

NameEffectUsesBuy Price
Restores 10 HP.3300G
Recovers all HP.33000G
Raises Resistance by 7, decaying by 1 each turn.3900G
Removes poison condition.3450G
Permanently increases all growth rates by 5%.1
Raises Hit and Avoid by 10.1
Increases sight in Fog of War by 4 squares. Effect decreases by 1 each turn.5500G
Opens a door.150G
Opens a chest.1300G
Opens a chest.51500G

Promotion Items

Items used to change classes.

List of Promotion Items

NameEffectUsesBuy Price
Promotes Level 10 or higher units that would normally use a Hero Crest, Knight Crest, Orion's Bolt, Elysian Whip, or Guiding Ring.120000G
Promotes Level 10 or higher Wyvern Riders and Pegasus Knights.110000G
Promotes Level 10 or higher Thieves.150000G
Promotes Level 10 or higher Shamans, Mages, Monks, Priests, and Troubadours.110000G
Promotes Level 10 or higher Lyn, Eliwood (Hector Mode), and Hector (Eliwood Mode).120000G
Promotes Level 10 or higher Fighters, Mercenaries, and Myrmidons.110000G
Promotes Level 10 or higher Cavaliers and Knights.110000G
Promotes Level 10 or higher Pirates.150000G
Promotes Level 10 or higher Archers and Nomads.110000G

Stat Boosters

Items that permanently increase stats.

List of Stat Boosters

NameEffectUsesBuy Price
Permanently increases maximum HP by 7.18000G
Permanently increases Strength/Magic by 2.18000G
Permanently increases Skill by 2.18000G
Permanently increases Speed by 2.18000G
Permanently increases Luck by 2.18000G
Permanently increases Defence by 2.18000G
Permanently increases Resistance by 2.18000G
Permanently increases Constitution by 2.18000G
Permanently increases Movement by 2.18000G


Items that can be sold for gold.

List of Gems

NameEffectUsesBuy Price
Can be sold for 2500G.15000G
Can be sold for 5000G.110000G
Can be sold for 10000G.120000G

Equippable Items

Items that provide benefit while being in a unit's inventory.

List of Equippable Items

NameEffectUsesBuy Price
Thieves and Assassins only. Opens a door or chest.151200G
Negates effective bonus of Bows (and Wind Sword) if holding unit is a flier.10000G
Negates enemy critical attacks.5000G
Allows holder access to Secret Shops.16000G
Allows holder to buy items for half price.14000G

Dragon Items

Dancer items and Flametongue.

List of Other Items

NameEffectUsesBuy Price
Raises ally's Defence/Resistance by 10 for one turn.15
Dancer/Bard only. Raises target ally's Attack by 10 for one turn.15
Raises ally's Avoid by 10 for one turn.15
Raises ally's Critical by 10 for one turn.15
Ignores targets's Defence. Grants Str +10, Skl +10, Def +20, Res +10.