The Blazing BladeThe Blazing Blade

Guiding RingGuiding Ring

Game Data

EffectUsesBuy Price
Promotes Level 10 or higher Shamans, Mages, Monks, Priests, and Troubadours.110000G

How to Obtain

Guiding Ring can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Chapter 17E/18H (dropped by enemy Shaman, Normal Mode only)
  • Chapter 17E/18H (steal from Zoldam, Hard Mode only)
  • Chapter 19E/20H (Chest)
  • Chapter 22E/23H (steal from Jasmine, Normal Mode only)
  • Chapter 22E/23H (steal from enemy Monk or Mage, Hard Mode only)
  • Chapter 25EA/27HA (Chest, Kenneth's map only)
  • Chapter 27E/29H (steal from enemy Sniper, Normal Mode only)
  • Chapter 29E/31H (Secret Shop)
The Blazing BladeThe Blazing Blade